Interacting with Latin American clients in their language can build stronger connections

Interacting with your clients in Spanish and Portuguese is one of the key elements that will help your company to build cross-cultural relationships and successfully do business in Latin America.

While most Latin American countries share a common language (Spanish), this does not necessarily mean they use the same terms to communicate in a professional and technical environment, particularly in the mining industry.

Many countries use different words for the same thing and others use words differently. For example, a term that is widely used in a particular country can be offensive in another one. Even grammar can be used entirely different, like Argentinians who have their own distinctive way to conjugate verbs.

We should consider that English is not widely spoken in Latin America, and while it is taught at school, it is a skill more commonly encountered in younger generations. Therefore, it is expected that in meetings with 5 people, at least one person will not understand and will require assistance.

You should consider that: 

  • Portuguese will connect you with the Brazilian market, but Spanish will open the doors of 21 countries that list it as its official language. 
  • Some words and sentences in the same language can have a different meaning depending on the region.
  • Translation platforms can sometimes be helpful to understand the context. However, a professional translator will effectively deliver your message and will avoid miscommunications.
  • Communicating in your clients’ language is really well received and can help you to build stronger relationships.

Andes Agile can provide a competitive advantage and make your company Spanish and Portuguese capable. We support your company with rapid translation services, most documents are delivered to our clients within 1-2 business days. Be reassured that all your communication, documents and data are treated with the highest confidentiality and safely stored. All our specialists are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

About Andes Agile:

Andes Agile is an Australian company with a branch in Chile. We are proud of having a team of talented and highly motivated individuals with skillsets in the mining industry.

Andes Agile primarily supports Australian companies that operate or provide services in the mining industry in Australia and Latin America through a range of multi-language and specific mining domain services including Technical Translation, Data Analytics, Business Research, and Recruitment in Latin America.

Our team includes dedicated specialists from Australia and Latin America with a range of experience in the mining sector and with an extensive business network in both regions. For more information, please visit or contact us at