Win deals in Latin America by building rapport and researching your potential clients

In this digital age, we are literally swimming in data, but the relevant business insights are not always easy to find unless you research them expertly

Mining will play a pivotal role in Latin America’s post-pandemic economic recovery with its gold, copper and lithium reserves essential for the booming tech sector. This presents opportunities for Australian companies to diversify and expand their operations into Latin America. However, Australian companies will need to research relevant business information to better understand the region and to successfully engage with locals in order to create profitable relationships.

Latin America is a diverse and wealthy region, with fast-emerging economies, highly educated people and an abundance of natural resources. It might appear as a unified entity, but each country has a distinct business culture, tax system, laws and bureaucracy.

Therefore, you need a local partner in Latin America that can research, locate, judge, create, evaluate, support and provide information and specialised advice to succeed.

You should consider the following:

  • Building business in Latin America is equal to building personal trust, building rapport and establishing close ties through meaningful interactions.
  • Be prepared with the right information prior to each business meeting to understand your potential clients in a professional environment and beyond.
  • Many entrepreneurs and established business will tell you this: “Make friends with at least one local or a foreigner who’s been in the country for long enough to understand the market.”
  • In one of the most income inequal regions in the world, connections matter the most.
  • Having a holistic view of a prospective project’s country is just as important as understanding the potential clients.
  • English is not widely spoken in the region, especially among people over 40 years old.

Andes Agile can support your company to navigate and understand the Latin American business landscape and to successful identify leads, opportunities, and the relevant business contacts in the region. We can also perform comprehensive research to leverage information to identify common ground between your team and your potential business partners that facilitate the building of strong rapports and profitable relationships.

As you may know, at the end it is all about people, how well you know them and how you can maximise your ability to engage your potential clients.

About Andes Agile:

Andes Agile is an Australian company with a branch in Chile. We are proud of having a team of talented and highly motivated individuals with skillsets in the mining industry.

Andes Agile primarily supports Australian companies that operate or provide services in the mining industry in Australia and Latin America through a range of multi-language and specific mining domain services including business research, technical translation, data analytics and recruitment in Latin America.

Our team includes dedicated specialists from Australia and Latin America with a range of experience in the mining sector and with an extensive business network in both regions. For more information, please visit or contact us at